Direct from Fondazione FS Italiane comes a very good news that solves a dilemma of which we had spoken a few days ago.

The E.444R.005 electric locomotive, the legendary "Tartaruga ex Full Chopper", will be preserved in the historical park of the Fondazione FS!

Since in reality, after the transformation into E.444R - together with the units of the same group -, the .005 immediately received the XMPR1 livery (with inverted bands), which however does not have an historical significance and would not be coherent with the Fondazione FS coaches, enthusiasts are asked if they prefer it precisely with this livery or with the grey and red one which, however, it is worth repeating, has never dressed.

A very difficult choice in any case, for which the Fondazione FS decides to create a poll to which it is possible to vote on its Facebook page.

Whatever the choice of Italian and foreign enthusiasts and experts, the good news is that another E.444R will be preserved and handed down to future generations.

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