Almost two months have passed since the last dispatch and another Pendolino is about to be sent to demolition.

If the indications we have collected are correct, in the next days another ETR 450 should leave Reggio Calabria to be sent to Bari.

From here, then, like its twins, it will be forwarded to BB Bari for volumetric reduction. Not much is known about this forwarding, it is not clear the train number or the schedules but it is likely to be similar to those already seen in previous times.

We will definitely be back on the subject as soon as we have updated news, but in the meantime it is worth spending two more words on the Bari BB which is often present in our articles dealing with dismantling vehicles.

The BB Bari industrial plant was founded at the end of the 1990s by Bilfinger Berger, a German multinational company, with the aim of reclaiming railway rolling stock.
Over the years, the activities have been diversified from the only asbestos reclamation to the maintenance and revamping of railway rolling stock.

BB Bari Srl was formed in January 2007 following a partial demerger of the company Bilfinger Berger Ambiente Srl. The transaction concerned the part of the company located in Bari with the related work on rolling stock, in particular the activities revamping and maintenance, as well as reclamation interventions preliminary to previous activities, or the demolition and recovery of scrap.

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