Today is an important date for locomotives of Group E.403.

The Intercity 704 coming from Bari and bound for Roma Termini, travelled for the first time pushed by an E.403.

To be precise it was the E.403.011 that pushed - and then from Foggia trailed - a push-pull composition if we do not go wrong for the first time in commercial service.

As a curiosity, the composition was also all new in the Intercity Giorno livery including the E.403 which is part of the lot already characterized by the new colors.

After the new coloring and the elimination of a pantograph, with this novelty the locomotives of this Group are perhaps finding a stability in some ways unknown until now.

The opening photo by Stefano Balanica portrays the train departing from Barletta while the video by Davide Lippolis resumes the same convoy departing from Bari.

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