The test runs of the convoys Pop Alstom - preliminary to their entry into service - continue.

For some days now, the ETR 104 n.002 with four elements is visible in the station of Orte with two locomotives E.464, to be precise the E.464.117 and the E.464.062.

If our observations are correct, the complex is carrying out tests between the town on the border with Umbria and Terni, with runs that obviously take place during the night in order not to interfere with the regular railway operation.

In this sense, the Orte - Terni line is perfect for this kind of activity, since with rare exceptions, the night is substantially free of any traffic.

The Pop still wears the white livery with the definitive one that should already be present under it, it is suitably equipped, as shown in the video above and on one of the two noses, it has still the signatures of the workers who worked for its construction.

As a matter of mere curiosity, there are 109 days to the first entry into service.

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