It is a period of beginnings, the one we are currently living in railway.

After the E.403 both in Intercity Giorno livery and XMPR livery, used to push the Intercity trains, today another novelty comes from the same segment.

Today's date on the calendar marks the start of the use of  UIC-Z Pilota of the second supply along the Adriatic line.

The first train seen with this composition was the Intercity Giorno 1545 from Milano Centrale to Lecce.

The convoy started from Milano with the Pilota UIC-Z 50 83 80-98 109-4 in the lead and the E.402B.140 in the queue, arriving at its destination in the same composition.

In the middle all carriages likewise in the Intercity Giorno livery, like the locomotive.

This is a widely anticipated and predictable news, which sooner or later would have to cover this railway section too. Moreover, the cars converted by Alstom and all entered into regular service are 53 and with the progressive delivery of the E.401 and the qualification to the push-pull service of the E.403 are increasingly used.

Inevitably, however, this novelty is bound to leave a mark on another aspect that has so far involved this line. The Adriatic, in fact, has so far been the kingdom of the locomotives Tartaruga E.444R, to which, at least until now, most of the services have always been assigned.

Likely in the coming months their services will therefore be destined to decrease and consequently also the number of necessary units, which will lead to an inevitable end of the whole Group.

As enthusiasts, the novelty can only create displeasure but it is also impossible not to consider the advantage at the level of exercise that has a train blocked compared to one to be formed each time.

The videos of the article are by Akiem483, shot in Cesena, VAle642 (Ex. Valerio Frecciabianca) in Loreto and TommyTigre169 always in Loreto.

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