The transformation of E.402A into E.401 single cab continues at a certainly inexorable pace.

With respect to the last update we gave you a few weeks ago, several things have changed.

In fact, E.401.009 was officially delivered in recent days, and as a result, there are twenty converted machines. A number not like all the others because it is exactly half machines, twenty out of forty to be transformed.

For numbers lovers, the units in circulation, all obviously in the Intercity Giorno livery, are: E.401.006, .007, .009, .013, .015, .016, .019, .021, .022, .023, .024, .025, .026, .029, .031, .035, .037, .039, .040 and .042.

As if this were not enough, to make it even more difficult to find E.402A in circulation there is also the growing number of machines being processed.

If our indications are not wrong they should be in OMC in Foligno in a more or less advanced state of transformation the E.402A.014, .017, .018, .020, .032 and .045.

If these data were confirmed, the locomotives E.402A currently in circulation in Italy would be only fourteen, a number that suggests that the Group is likely to become extinct by 2019.

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