We had anticipated it a few days ago and even this time the indiscretion that had come to us was correct.

This morning, when the dawn was still to be born, instead came the sunset for the ETR 450 n.11. Shortly before 5 o'clock, in fact, the electric train pulled by E.402B.176 left Bologna for its last trip which, after having driven it through Marche, Abruzzo and Molise, will take it to Puglia.

Last stop of the trip will be the BB of Bari, where at the former Bilfinger Berger the train will be demolished.

The route should be the same as the train n.01 transferred a few days ago. Today from Bologna to Montesilvano, tomorrow from this station to Foggia and the day after tomorrow to Bari.


Once again, we must update the list of existing and demolished rolling stock. With this dispatch, the dismantled trains rise to 5 out of 15, and precisely, in order of time, the ETR 450 n.05, n.07, n.13, n.01 and now n.11.

At this point, the Bologna facility can be considered completed as the only train that remains, the ETR 450 n.03, should become part of the Fondazione FS Italiane Historical Rolling Stock.

The other 9 trains destined for dismantling are divided between Alessandria (2) and Reggio Calabria (7). Probably the first should be demolished at San Giuseppe in Cairo while the latter always in Bari.

Photos by Tommaso Ottaviani e Valerio Frecciabianca

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