The demolitions of Trenitalia resume at a rapid pace.

In fact, only a few days have elapsed since the last dispatch, and now another ETR 450 is about to be sent for demolition.

This time it should be the ETR 450 n.11 that is currently stopped in Bologna. According to the rumors we have gathered, the Pendolino should leave the Emilian plant on the first morning of Monday 26 November.

Similarly, to the previous dispatch, it should therefore stop in Montesilvano, near Pescara, and then leave the next day for Foggia. The transfer from here to Bari would then take place on November 28, with a race to Lamasinata and then, to the BB for the volumetric reduction.

With this shipment, the dismantled trains rise to 5 out of 15, namely the ETR 450 n.05, n.07, n.13, n.01 and n.11.

A sad fate, no doubt about it, but which should lead to the preservation of a convoy that should enter the park of Fondazione FS Italiane as a reminder of an era in which Italian railway technology stood out all over the world.

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