Today's transfer of the ETR 450 n.01 has obviously moved fans and curious from half of Italy.

Moreover, the end of such a glorious train can only arouse amazement and curiosity in all those that recognize in it not only the "Pendolino" but also the first High-Speed train of the Ferrovie dello Stato.

It does not matter that before it, at the same speed, the ETR 401 had come, or that the ETR 500 would have soon been able to run faster.

The ETR 450 entered the myth surely for its speed, just as surely for its nickname, which today is synonymous with variable trim trains all over the world, but also for its white and red livery that represented a deep break in a period when slate-gray carriages still ran on our tracks.

Certainly, its shape had an important part, aerodynamic and narrow, tapered, which more reminiscent of a modern airliner than a train, but probably also the service that in the early years was "sewn on it".

A non-stop train that connected the two most important cities of Italy, with the catering served at the place, with check-in at the start and a thousand other details that in the 80s were unknown to almost all those who traveled.

For this and for a hundred other reasons that we will not mention, not to go too far, the end of the ETR 450 is becoming more followed and more participatory than that of any other rolling stock until now gone under the blowtorch. The merit is certainly also of the social media that are giving ample space to the event.

What is more pleasing, however, in the profound sadness of seeing a so beautiful train die already devastated, inside and outside, is to read that beyond the fans, even common people ask that a sample is preserved.

Perhaps in memory of a time when people believed more in the progress of science and in the possibilities it offers to human beings. Or perhaps in memory of a period when Italy was a more serious country.

Foto Akiem483, video Akiem483 - Valerio Frecciabianca

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