We had anticipated several weeks ago that the E.414 would flow into the Intercity Giorno segment, effectively abandoning the Frecciabianca segment.

Today the "visual" confirmation arrived when the first unit with the new colors, E.414.136 came out from the Verona's Officine Porta Vescovo.

The locomotive carried out a test run on Venezia Mestre with the support of an E.402A, as shown in the photo by Carlo Falcone.

The color scheme, of course, is the one already seen on E.401 more than on E.402B and E.403, mainly because both are single cab locomotives. There is therefore the light gray background with the red band at the bottom and above all the gray one to occupy almost the whole side that tends to fade near the gangway.

As mentioned, this is a further demonstration of the end of the Frecciabianca segment, which at this point will also disappear from the coaches. It remains to understand if a similar fate is also going to affect the Pendolino EMUs still involved.

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