Sooner or later it had to happen since the decline is now inexorable.

In the past few days, if the indications provided to us are correct, the last three locomotives E.656 of the Divisione Passeggeri still in service on the mainland have been transferred to Sicily.

In detail, these are the E.656.046 and E.656.063, which have been reached in recent days by the E.656.030. With the E.656.058 stops probably set aside in Milan Greco Pirelli, there should be no more E.656 PAX on the mainland. Therefore, Sicily remains the last fort for these long-lived machines at the end of their career.

In the shadow of Etna, they are still used regularly on the Intercity Giorno and on the Intercity Notte, guaranteeing, in fact, the traction for all non-regional passengers trains, as we see in the video by Ludovico Giudice.

This situation, however, is destined not to last forever, which is why anyone who intends to photograph them had better consider crossing the Strait as soon as possible.

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