In the past few days we saw that Trenitalia ETR 700s officially enter service on June 9th.

Today we are dealing instead with the two new electric trains for regional services, Rock and Pop, produced respectively by Hitachi Rail and Alstom.

In this case there are no official statements, but a date was leaked among the experts, that of May 31st.

On this day should, the conditional is a must, start the first services in Emilia Romagna for both trains.

Especially the Pop should provide its first commercial service between Bologna and Porretta while for the Rock there should be a connection between Bologna and Rimini.

If all these rumors are were confirmed, it would all fall within the timeframe announced on the day of the presentation when it was said that the two trains would carry the first passengers by May 2019.

Of course, this would only be the beginning of a journey that, according to what was communicated at the time, would see the delivery of at least thirteen new trains every month.

Therefore, it is certain that on regional transport, Trenitalia has finally made the change of pace that everyone expected.

Photo by Fabrizio Borca

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