The first trains carried out by the ETR 700 as Frecciargento on the Adriatica line have been scheduled on the official timetable.

These are two couples of trains on the Milano - Ancona route, namely the Frecciargento 8802, 8804, 8825 and 8829.

In addition to the wording, you can see the type of the train when buying a seat with the clear name of the train.

The screen shows that the ETR 700 Frecciargento also has the Business segment, so far only present on the Frecciarossa trains.

The two couples on sale are scheduled to start next June 9th, so the official entry into service of the new electric trains - previously known as Fyra - finally arrives.

It is interesting to note that the trains do not travel on the HS line between Milano and Bologna, as there are stops in Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena. Moreover, observing the traces, we can see how the travel times are exactly the same as those of the Frecciabianca, which they replace, with a journey of 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Probably this is a service that will be adjusted in the future, and it is likely that in the coming days we will see other trains loaded with ETR 700s, perhaps later in time.

Thanks to Andrea Cardinali and Andrea Fontana

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