Lately we often talk about demolitions of rolling stock.

This time, among all the means sent to San Giuseppe di Cairo would also have been a means different from the others.

In fact, today, the last trip for a railcar that was unique in the history of Italian railways would have been carried out.

We are talking about the ALn 668.1430R, also affectionately called the "Pisella" because of its rather shining livery.

Its story is known, but it's worth mentioning it again.

Built in 1959 by FIAT, this unit was redeveloped in 2001 at Santhià's Officine Magliola.

The rolling stock assigned to the DL of Siena was equipped with engines FIAT 8217.32 with a calibration power of 2x130kW (175 hp) at 1,800 rpm.

Of this DMU remains the photographs of those who have been able to observe it in her bright green color.

Photo by Roberto Granai and Rinaldo Portalupi

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