In the past days, they talked a lot about the possibility for Trenitalia to buy 19 Fyra V250 that had not been not taken over by the Dutch and Belgian Railways.

It is well known that some test runs were made, as it is well known the will of Finmeccanica, formally the owner of the trains, to transfer them to the best buyer.

The rolling stock is currently located in the hub of Prato where there are 16 units, one - dismembered after the testing we said before - is at the SITAV, and two others are in the same condition at the Hitachi in Pistoia.

It should be said that so far there is no official confirmation  about the will of Trenitalia, but it is certain that the convoys could have their utility in the rolling stock of the national operator, maybe going to replace the generations older Pendolino.

The value of each Fyra might be estimated at 7 million euros and it would be necessary to use immediately two convoys for spare parts in order to provide for any unexpected needs. Then it would be necessary to think about how to solve the same problem in a more effective and durable way given that this rolling stock will have no descendants. In order to improve the functionality the idea would be to close the frontal making the trains more elegant and aerodynamic at the same time.

While we are waiting to find out if Trenitalia is really interested in entering the game, there is also to consider whether it is really worth it given the uniqueness of the trains and their immobility that lasted for several months.

We recall that the Fyra V250 are bidirectional EMUs with distributed power composed by 8 vehicles even if the initial project includes blocked compositions at 7, 6 and 5 elements. Trains may run at about 25 kV - 50 Hz and 1.5-3 kV cc both in single traction and in multiple command with a unit of the same group. The maximum speed is 250 km/h.

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