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Italo taglia il nastro di Roma Termini

Il conto alla rovescia è alle battute finali: si stacca domani mattina dal binario 10 alle 6,40 il primo Italo in partenza da Roma Termini. Destinazione Milano. Il primo arrivo è invece previsto alle 10,15, sempre binario 10, provenienza Milano. Con oltre 5 mila viaggiatori già prenotati, il treno rosso amaranto di NTV, in occasione del nuovo orario estivo, taglia il "traguardo" delle banchine nella stazione cuore di Roma. Si comincia con una doppia coppia di no stop che collega la capitale a Milano e viceversa.

Da domani il network delle stazioni romane di NTV si amplia così ancora: allo scalo di Ostiense, strategico per i quartieri a Sud Ovest della città, e a quello di Tiburtina, pensato come hub dell'Alta velocità e importantissimo come "ponte" per il traffico Sud Nord, si affianca adesso anche la più importante stazione d'Italia, nel centro di Roma, la seconda d'Europa, con un flusso di passeggeri di oltre 150 milioni all'anno.


Italo a Roma Termini dal 15 giugno

Italo entra nel cuore della città, nel centro storico di Roma, poco distante dalle antiche terme di Diocleziano, che alla grande stazione romana hanno dato il nome. Dal 15 giugno, con il nuovo orario estivo, i treni rosso amaranto di NTV “approdano” alle banchine di Termini con i primi no stop che collegano Milano alla capitale e viceversa.

Si amplia dunque il network delle stazioni romane di NTV: allo scalo di Ostiense, strategico per i quartieri a Sud Ovest della città, e a quello di Tiburtina, pensato come hub dell’Alta velocità e importantissimo come ”ponte” per il traffico Sud Nord, si affianca adesso anche la più importante stazione d’Italia e, con un flusso di passeggeri di oltre 150 milioni all’anno, la seconda d’Europa.

Già da oggi aprono le vendite per i nuovi collegamenti nei consueti canali, dal sito web al Contact center Pronto Italo, dalle agenzie di viaggi alle biglietterie in Casa Italo. Italo sarà presto presente a Termini anche con attività di biglietteria e per fornire assistenza o informazioni ai viaggiatori.


Frecciarossa 1000 away!

E.656.433+D.445.1143+ETR 400.02Arrived in Naples on November 28th 2013,  for the acceptance tests and the approval of the convoy, ETR 400 n.02 performed in Campania its first test runs on the lines Napoli - Salerno via Linea a Monte Vesuvio, on the stretch Rocca D'Evandro - Venafro (Roma - Napoli via Cassino), on the Napoli - Casoria - Falciano (Roma - Napoli via Formia) and finally on the AV/AC line Roma - Napoli. All these tests were conducted at night during the interruption of the line.

Today, May 8th 2014, the convoy was transferred from Naples to Milan, driven by E.656.433 and in second place, for the maneuvers, from D.445.1143, for subsequent tests in the AV / AC which will be held this weekend always during the interruption of the line on the way Milano Rogoredo - PM Anzola (Line AV Milano - Bologna). These tests make up the approval and testing of material and equipment on board.


E.403 full!

Were delivered this morning by Ansaldo in Napoli to the division PAX of Trenitalia the latest E.403 (007-009-018), thus completing the entire fleet of locomotives.

After the period of pre-exercise on the Cargo freight to/from Marcianise to the South and the North the 3 locomotives were withdrawn for further modifications to the equipment. Built by Ansaldo Breda (between 2005 and 2008) the 24 machines that make up the park E.403, were intended for the transport of goods where they performed the pre-exercise until the final transition to PAX Trenitalia and then used with the IC and ICN trains with a maximum speed of 180km/h.


Reopen the Sulmona - Carpinone

By mid - May reopens the historic railway line Carpinone - Sulmona, called the “Trans - Siberian Railway in Italy “.

This was announced by the president of the “Transita”, Francesco Tufano, informed by the leaders of the RFI.

“Transita - announces Tufano - in thanking all those (institutions, associations, ordinary citizens) who, in recent months have been fighting for a reopening of the line that has led to considerable flow of tourists in the area, informs that will immediately begin to prepare a schedule that allows Italian and foreign tourists to enjoy the amazing images that this area offers.


Great news in Roma Tiburtina

A new parking place with 417 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles; access to the platforms 2 to 25 from the Galleria Vetrata, dedicated roadways to enter from Pietralata, while continues on work for infrastructure upgrading of regional traffic.

These the novelties that from April 19th Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Gruppo FS Italiane ) fields in Roma Tiburtina’s station, increasing services for the benefit of the travellers arriving and departing from this hub and  and of the residents of the neighborhoods Pietralata and Nomentano.

In correspondence with the entrance Pietralata parking spaces for cars and motorcycles increase, in addition to those already available from September 2013. Altogether there will be 417 places in the municipal parking at the street level; moreover, in short, it will also be put into service the underground parking in Pietralata side with other 418 places.

Also operative the kiss&ride, 10 stalls, for a quick stopover of the companions of departing or arriving passengers.

Also the access to the tracks 2-25 changes, with dedicated paths from the Galleria Vetrata, through escalators and elevators. The separation of pedestrian flows makes concrete the system of paths planned in the original project, the study ABDR Architetti Associati with Professor Paolo Desideri, and will help to make the station more lively, valuing the entire area of the station  in Rome.

For detailed information, RFI activated all its communication channels and those of Gruppo FS Italiane: recorded announcements and information signs; posters and flyers; insights on FSNews.it, the online newspaper, and on La Freccia.TV.

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana has also requested that the concerned railway company to communicate the news to their customers as well.

Complete the system information the presence of RFI staff, which will help travelers to navigate in the new location, and announcements in stations and on trains of Metro B, thanks to the collaboration with ATAC.

Finally, goes on the work of upgrading infrastructure node in Rome, which will allow, in a few months, among other things, the return of regional rail line FL2 Roma - Tivoli to  rails 24 and 25 of  Tiburtina’s station.


New Trenitalia's technologies at the service of commuters

Over 12 thousand electronic regional tickets (BER), with no need to print them, were sold from December on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Smart TV thanks to the App Pronto Treno.

From January to February more than tripled sales on Android and the exponential growth (multiplied by twenty) for purchases on iPad in addition to those on iPhone; 60% of e-tickets sold in total.

The Regional Electronic Ticket (BER ) can be purchased directly on iPhone from December 6th and from January, on iPad and Android for smartphones, as well as on Blackbarry and SmartTV.


The "Direttissima" Bologna - Firenze turns 80, an historic train to celebrate it

The line Direttissima Bologna-Firenze is 80 years old. The festivities will be entrusted to a special historic train, organized by the institutions of the territory with the support of the Fondazione Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and of the Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani, that on Sunday, April 6th will trace its tracks between Bologna and Prato, received with special events in each station. The departure from the track 1 of  Bologna Centrale Station is scheduled at 9:00 am, with stops at the stations of Pianoro, Monzuno, Grizzana, San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Vernio and Vaiano. The return from Prato is at 14.10, arriving in Bologna at 15:18 (info and reservations Apennines Slow - 051.4690050 - 339 8283383 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Opened to traffic on April 22nd 1934, the new line was immediately characterized by its modernity, constituting a source of pride for Italy and a revolution for connections. Compared to Porrettana, which since 1864 was the only direct rail link between Emilia and Tuscany, Direttissima was distinguished by the double-track electric traction, very spaced stations, 31 tunnels (about 37% of the route) and numerous viaducts. Among the features of the new line stood out  the reduction of the length of the route - from 131 to 97 km, the maximum slope - 26-12 per thousand, and the percentage of pass - from 615 to 322 meters, characteristics that made possible to increase the maximum speed from 75 to 180 km / h.


Changes the ratio of E.652

In recent days, Trenitalia has started work on changing the gear ratio on the E.652, locomotives built between 1989 and 1996 and in service since 1990.

Test  machine for this experiment was the E.652.048 that has been identified as the first locomotive, within the series E.652 belonging to the Cargo Division, to which make this change. The same provides for the reduction of the transmission ratio from the original value of 36/64 to the value 29/64 in order to limit the armature current of the motors to a value of about 950 A for the same performance.

With this change the maximum speed of the affected units will be reduced from 160 km/h to 120 km/h.


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